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A note from Ken Weston:
October 29th 2016:

Gentlemen, You may remember that in 1967 while at Frognall, a rock band was formed called "Force Four" Although the original reviews weren't great, and the band only played for a short while before some members of the band graduated, and were posted to the 4 corners of the world,  the band never officially broke up. In fact to celebrate the 50th anniversaries of 1 and 11 courses in 2015, and 2/12 courses in 2016 (3/13 somehow was included in the 2/12 reunion), the band got together after 47 years and played some of the music from the 60's and 70's at functions to celebrate those heady days of joining the RAAF.

I can assure you it took some effort to dig out all the gear, and get the fingers working again, but with a bit of help from the virtuoso of the rock guitarist  (Rod McLeod)* we came up with some good music (well at least in our opinion it is).
(* Virtuoso? I don't think he's that good! Ed.)

Force Four members included Rod McLeod, Ken Western, John Baker and Denis (Smeds) Smedley, with our singer Bob Davis, who made up the "plus one". Rod has somehow kept recordings of our original 1967 sound in the following website where you can listen to the songs from then, and watch a Youtube video of the band at the 1/11 course reunion in 2015.

The Band has created a CD of some of our music with the same members except for Bob Davis who lives in Geraldton in WA.

Our new "+1" is Paul Sorrell, who is a great mate  of Rod's (and now Smeds. John and me), and who sang in a band (Mobius Band) with Rod for a number of years. For those of you that attended the 2/12 Course reunion you know that Paul is a class act.

The reason for this email is to find out how many of you would like a copy of our latest (and only CD). On the CD there are 18  tracks of a variety of music from the 60's, and 70's now played by the band.

These are:

As you can see our repertoire has increased substantially, and with a lot of new gear the sound is somewhat improved as well.  The whole band has put in a lot of work into creating this CD. Rod did all the production work as well as the mastering of the CD. Ken was placed in charge of the actual production process and is currently working on the CD cover and accompanying booklet; Smeds came down from Canberra (again) and stayed at Ken's place for a week while all the recording was done at Rod's Studio, and John patiently carried his drum set from venue to venue and put up with our guitar playing for hours.

The CD has been produced by Rod at Larrikin Studios.

The cost for this unique collector's edition? A mere $10 (plus P&P) for the CD, with all proceeds being donated by the band on behalf of RAAF DCS Frognall  to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne on Good Friday next year. We think this is a great cause so the more money we collect the better - we therefore encourage you to pay as much as you can for this special CD, so the $10 is a minimum. P&P is expected to be around $3.00. We don't want any money at this time. We will ask for your donations when all the CD's have been produced.

To help us in producing enough copies of the CD, can you respond by email to me as soon as possible to indicate you would like a copy. That would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Ken                
Route 66
Get Back
Crunchy Granola Suite
Evil Ways
Mustang Sally
The Wanderer
Wonderful Land
Theme for Young Lovers
I Saw her Standing There
House of the Rising Sun
Proud Mary
Eagle Rock
Take It Easy
Original Band
Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones
Neil  Diamond
Wilson Pickett
Dion & the Belmonts
Bee Gees
Credence Clearwater Revival
Credence Clearwater Revival
Daddy Cool
"We were hand picked!" - Killer
"We were hand picked!" - Killer