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"We were hand picked!" - Killer
"We were hand picked!" - Killer
Many thanks to
Maurice Kissane
for this 19DCS Class Patch

3 and 13 Course:
50th Anniversary Reunion

18th February 2017
Garry's Missive No 2
November 20th 2016
Hello Frognal Fusiliers,
Thank you to the many who responded to my previous e-mails with your preference of dates.
It has led me to booking the Maroochydore RSL Club as the venue for our 50th Anniversary Reunion of 13 Course et al on Saturday 18 Feb 2017.
All those addressed as To are e-mail addresses that I believe to be correct while those as Cc are those that I cannot confirm as I have had no response or advise otherwise.
Thank you to those who offered and forwarded on my e-mails to others and corrected addresses accordingly; and I encourage you to do so again with this updated list.
I am sure that there are more folk who you would wish to advise of the event because of their association with us during those formative years.
Yes, we are a mixed bag of multi-year graduates and those who chose otherwise but we all shared a special experience at Frognal during those overlapping years and hence the reunion is ours to share. As initially suggested by JB, the inclusion of civilians on the Aero Course has been discussed and I believe it would be a great plus to invite them back into our fold, especially as many of them lead significant careers contributing to Air Force activities, e.g. John Pilkington, Tom Douglas etc.  So please, if any of you would like to add a former RMIT student of your cohort, please feel welcome to extend the invitation.
I am at the point where I must put my money where my mouth is (chortle, chortle I hear) so I am booking for a minimum 30 couples but shooting for many more.
In case you have not received previous e-mails let me summaries the plan:
Friday 17th February arrivals from the colonies: QLD Country Pub evening, transport arranged. ( You do expect to go a couple of decades when you visit QLD don't you?)
Saturday 18th February arrivals from the colonies: Limo transfer to accommodation depending of arrival times (Cobb & Co). Free day to surf, swim, sunbathe, stroll, spend, stare or stupefy at your choice in preparation for an evening dining at the Maroochydore RSL Club Function Room No1 to be entertained by the Force Four Band of Frognal Revisited. Meet and greet appetisers and rehydraters; platted 3 course meal with alternates, exclusive own bar all evening. RSL parking opposite the club. Take home service to be arranged (depending on availability of police vehicles and cells).
Sunday 19th February: BBQ Brunch either at adjacent Cotton Tree Park or Alexander Headlands, probably weather dependant ( i.e. whether you are too far under the weather or not). Afternoon airport transfers for deportees.
Monday 20th February: Hinterland Excursion including, mountain views (spews for some), boutique shopping, coffee houses, wineries, gastronomic gluttony and more. Evening airport transfers for detainees.   
Accommodation is plentiful and within strolling distance of the venue within the Maroochy CBD (Criminal Bogan District) precinct and stumbling distance to Ocean Street and the Plaza hot spots.  Alternatives in Mooloolaba and Alexandra Headlands are adjacent for those not needing walking frames or mobility scooters.  And for those whose chauffeur only collects from Noosa, that's a half an hour north. 
Costs: Who cares! We came to Melbourne didn't we? Sorry folks, Crass QLD comment!
I have obtained a waiver of cost for the hire of the venue, being military-like folk and the meal is about $60pp. Drinks are affordable and yes, we do have wine in these hotter climes north of the boarder. I will provide some accommodation options later on, but we only go up to five fingers, oops stars,  up here.
As before, please advise your best intentions of participation based on the precise engineering criteria of:
'Definitely, Maybe, Longshot or You've got to be Kidding,' at this time.
Maybes can expect a call from the establishment, Longshots will be subject to harassment and Kidders go in the draw for the Inauguration Dinner for the US President Elect and will be placed on the never-to-re-enter Australia list.
I will circulate a spreadsheet of responses as soon as the cost recovery curve turns south.
That's all folks!
Garry B
*** Date Changed ***

Maroochydore Qld

The newly refurbished and Maroochy RSL www.maroochyrsl.com.au has reserved Function Room M1 for our exclusive use including provision for the Frognall Band and use of the Elevations Bar and adjacent balcony.
While I am still negotiating details, the Sunshine coast Frognal ladies have selected the Gold Plated Menu as meeting our expectations and will select a three course menu with alternate drop (as per last year)  @ $55.00 pp.
Accommodation in the immediate vicinity is extensive, all walk to the beach and the Maroochydore Plaza and Ocean Street restaurant mall www.wotif.com/Maroochydore  . Mooloolaba Beach http://www.sunshinecoastaustralia.net.au/?page_id=9   alfresco strip is nearby and Noosa is a half hour drive north. Direct flights operate to Sunshine Coast airport Maroochydore www.sunshinecoastairport.com.au every day except for Canberrans who must fly via Sydney to ensure the politicians can claim multiple-interstate travel entitlements (?).   
Your gone native hosts are Garry and Carolyn Bates (Masta), Frank and Elaine Peronne (Francesco) and most probably Doug and Judy Castledine (Cas) ) if and when he returns from being in Hong Kong, John and Lynn Pluck (Plucky) currently lost abroad. Ralph and Helen Waters are goers and concurrent birthdays are likely to ensure a number of the short-stayers return to the fold as they did for Doug and Ralph's  grand affair a few years back. Graham Matthews can help you through Brisbane transfers if that is your choice. It's a 1.5 hour trip to Maroochydore. However arrivals in Maroochy airport are likely to receive escorted limo transfers to their accommodation depending on arrival dates and times!
A caravan/RV holiday is a great idea for those so inclined but book your sites www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au .  We will plan a four day event for 13-16th Jan which will allow for a number of venues with your Sunshine Coast hosts. Of course longer stays are the smart solution for those wanting to maximise their time at this premier destination. We will try to mimic the successful model created by Rod McLeod over recent years of a pub evening, a plated dinner dance and an Aussie BBQ to give weekend flight travellers maximum bang for their buck. Beyond that, golf (without Clive P), surfing, sightseeing and wineries in the beautiful Maleny hinterlands and walks in the coastal National Parks www.nprsr.qld.gov.au  are all available as well as trips to famous Australia Zoo www.australiazoo.com.au where Bindi takes centre stage not only with the crocs but the newly extended Africa wild life park with her amazing tree house in the jungle. Bring the grandkids, they will love you for it! Dreamworld on the Gold Coast is not on the agenda at present (wonder why?) as we have both Aussie World entertainment park and Underwater World to rival glitz city any day.
Enough of the sales pitch, it's time for you southerners to come up our way and enjoy the pleasures that  we take for granted every day.
More information will flow about mid-November but in the meantime, everyone in the 1967 13 Course photo is a must for this event and adjacent(ish)  course members are also naturally welcome.
For John Baker (drummer) remember your wish to invite the Aero Course civvies; now's your chance to round them all up and get them on my distribution list.
Early RSVP indications are most welcome please: 'Definitely, Maybe, Longshot or You've got to be Kidding',  will do at this time.
Cheers for now,


Garry's Missive No 1
October 28th 2016
"We were hand picked!" - Killer
"We were hand picked!" - Killer